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Understanding What Papers To Keep

How Much Paper Do I Really Need?

Even though we’re an increasingly digital society, the age old question of how long to keep paper still exists. Statistics show that 80% of the papers that get filed will never be accessed again. Does that mean you can get rid of 80% of the paper you currently have? Not necessarily. It does however, mean that you can get rid of a large portion of the paper you are currently holding on to. Read More→

Follow The 3 R’s To Finally Get Rid Of Paper Piles

Paper Piles

You know what paper pain is if you have piles of paper on counters, tables and sometimes even the floor. The piles keep growing and sometimes you even find yourself hiding the piles in other rooms or stuffing them into grocery bags to clear space. But the worst part is when bills don’t get paid or checks get lost. It’s enough to drive you crazy!

If you’re plagued by paper piles I have good news! All that can change by implementing these 3 simple steps. You can eliminate those paper piles, stay on top of bills and spend less than an hour a week doing it. Read More→

Stuck and Overwhelmed? 3 steps to break the cycle of clutter and chaos

Peter Walsh Clutter Quote
This is my favorite definition of clutter. Clutter is not just about the “stuff” in the spaces where we live and work. Other areas of our lives can, and do become cluttered as well.
Any type of clutter and the chaos that accompanies it are physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.
The clutter cycle shows how clutter in our physical environment can lead to mental and emotional clutter and vice versa. It can be a vicious cycle that causes us to feel trapped and overwhelmed. So how do we break that cycle?

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Are You A Looper Or A Trailer?

This is a frequent topic of discussion at our house because my youngest daughter is most definitely a trailer. You can tell everywhere she’s been in the house from the moment she sets foot in the door. She’s a teenager with a busy life, so her default mode is to drop and run. When confronted about this chaos creating habit, she is quick to reply that she’s in a hurry and simply doesn’t have the time. She’ll take care of it later. Sound familiar? If you’re a trailer or live with trailers it probably does. Read More→

Are You Thriving or Merely Surviving?


How many times do we say to ourselves, “ If I could just keep my head above water”. We think if we can just keep up, maintain the status quo, and not slip farther behind we’re doing good.

If we look at nature we see the idea of “status quo” is really just an illusion. Life is either in a state of growth and regeneration or a state of decline. There is no magical in between where things just stay the same. Now I don’t point this out to discourage you. Instead, I hope to help you become more aware of the thoughts and actions that are contributing to your current situation. Here’s some food for thought. Read More→

What Exactly Does A Professional Organizer Do?

Professional Organizer

When I tell people I’m a Professional Organizer the question that usually follows is do you work with hoarders? While the television shows have certainly brought that aspect of organizing to people’s attention, there’s a lot more to Professional Organizing than that.

Some people mistakenly think organizers and house cleaners are the same. While a well-organized space is usually clean, a clean space is not necessarily organized. Organization goes deeper and is more involved than just straightening and stacking things so they look tidy. A well-organized space with a good system will actually aid in keeping your home or office clean.

So, what exactly does an organizer do? Some of the things on this list might surprise you! Read More→

How Getting Organized Can Help You Accomplish Your Other Goals

GoalsBesides being the top resolutions each year the items on this list all have something else in common. They share common roadblocks to success which are the lack of time, lack of energy and procrastination.

These roadblocks can be overcome with a little mindfulness and applying some basic organizing principles. Read More→

3 Simple Strategies For Staying On Top Of It All

3 simple strategies for staying on top of it allIf you’re like me, you wear many hats and consequently you probably have things that tend to go undone. While it’s true that sometimes we simply have too many hats to wear, a little strategy can go a long way. Try out these 3 simple strategies and see the difference for yourself. Read More→

5 Reasons Your Space Doesn’t Stay Organized



There is nothing more frustrating than spending time and energy organizing a space only to have it revert back to its former state seemingly overnight. Let’s explore the causes and solutions to help you stay organized.

  • Incomplete projects – Sometimes we run out of time, money or energy before a project is completed. Unfinished projects are an open invitation for returning chaos! First of all, the systems we are trying to put into place don’t function properly and it can be unclear to others what the system even is. The solution is to break large projects into smaller, more manageable “bites” so you can see each step through to completion.  Also, allow yourself more time than you think you’ll need to complete the project.

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Sometimes “No” Is The Best Answer

Time management


As women, one of our biggest time management struggles is reconciling our feelings with our schedules.

The basics of time management tell us that we list all our tasks, prioritize them and then assign a time when they will be attended to. It sounds pretty simple, yet many people still struggle with time management. Even the best-laid plans can be derailed by outside requests. Especially when we find it hard to say no. These requests can really be broken down into 3 categories: Read More→